News and summaries about the Padyatra from Palwal to Delhi

News and summaries about the Padyatra from Palwal to Delhi

Author: Ekta Europe Admin/Wednesday, February 25, 2015/Categories: News

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It is overwhelming to be in New Delhi these days. A lot of history is being made at the moment in the capital. Landless farmers and Adivasi are struggling for land rights. They marched for days through traffic, slept on the street and get through cold nights without blankets. Just to get a piece of land. This incredible act of nonviolent resistance put the government under pressure and the attention of all TV channels and newspapers on the thousands of farmers!

The question for India is: International investors and companies taking land or is it for the rural population which make up 65 percent of the country? More news and context on Ekta Parishad. or

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